Going Home

Thinking about this song "The House That Built Me" written by a good friend of ours, Allen Shamblin... I'm thinking you CAN go home again... I did last week.. I took a friend to my hometown to see where I grew up. My Mom and Dad are gone now but this house gave life to dreams I didn't even know I had.. I realized, you can try to forget where you came from but it never forgets you....It lays next to you at night. It walks side by side down the street with you and sometimes it even walks a few steps behind..

I love my House.. I love where I came from ... It taught me to know good from bad and it taught me about Love and Respect..

It also taught me as well about horrible fear and sadness yet that is how it taught me to rise up no matter how scared or hurt I was....

It made me realize that Life happens, good and bad but all for ultimate good in life.

So much of life has been written down. So many great chapters ... Great in Good and Great in Love and Great in Bad...

Sometimes days feels like a "throw around"... and then I realize I'm at my best when I'm in over my head.. If I just stay there, only in my head, there is no challenge and the one bad thing this house taught me was to stay afraid and stay below the radar and don't create attention..

Today I know I'm not any of those afraid things that I believed about myself while laying there in that single little bed.. Every tear I shed was preparing me to "BE".

The people that love you are the people that support your dreams.

The people that love you are the ones who make you feel that those dreams you have are not just dreams, but that those dreams are you and they are suppose to "BE"...

They are the loves of my life.

This has everything to do with me designing jewelry today.

Be Love pass it on...

I'm only a writer when I can hear myself......


Memorial Day

My Father was a War Veteran of the Korean War. He survived it physically but I think pretty heavily scarred him emotionally and spiritually... as thousands of others before and after him.

So today in memory of him, I want to send a message of reflection to anyone reading this, to look around you and look for someone to think about.. think about how you can make a connection to someone today.. shake their hand or have a conversation.. look them in the eye and smile and just even say a "hello, How are you today?" To people who you think might feel invisible....When I was a kid I had allot of pain and suffering, as I know so many other people have in their life.. Today I think to myself.. Why didn't anyone around me ever ask me if I was OK.. or Is everything OK? I think when you do ask that question, it can help someone to feel a little less alone and a little less invisible.

It seems a little selfish to talk about jewelry today.. I'd rather talk about people and feelings today.. Have a great Memorial day and remember those who protect us.

Be Love and Pass It on


Summer Bracelet Collection by Mantis 7

Our new Bracelets are here in time for Summer. 

I really hope you like them.

I am always inspired by the mix of precious and semi precious stones with Brass and Bronze and Sterling.

I love design contradictions.

I never get tired of Turquoise, especially Sleeping Beauty Turquoise which is increasingly rare to find and purchase as this mine is closed to production. It has a depth to its color like no other Turquoise and you will indeed have a collectors piece.

Be on the look out for the rest of the Summer Bracelet Collection which are 14K Rose Gold wire hand wrapped with Sapphires and the Black Spinel stones hand wrapped with Rose Gold Diamond charms. Very thin and delicate for a low key but luxurious feel and look to your wrist. There were only 4 made.

I am always inspired by stones that are sometimes very difficult to find and in very small quantities.. I hope you get one.

Our "Little Bastards" Gold and Silver Skull charms with diamond eyes have been a huge success and are currently being made to order, which is great news as we can do Bespoke stone eyes and different colored Gold.. Think about 18K Pink Chocolate Gold... I've started using it this year in a lot of pieces and it's rare to find and not many will have it.. especially after I show it here.

If you would like to see what it looks like, have a cruise through the BUY section of my website and look for the Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring in 18K PINK Chocolate Gold... It is very special and one of a kind and will not be reproduced. I was completely inspired by the stone which is in a cage setting so you can see every part of this stone from top to bottom. The opposing side is the most amazing Mediterranean Blue Celyon Sapphire which is burnished into the Gold and in an invisible setting... This ring took about 6 weeks to make completely by hand and will be very hard to say goodbye to.

As always Be Love and Pass it on

Web site Launch

I'm proud of the work I've done this year for Mantis 7, I've spent most of this last year in NYC learning some pretty insane hand beading Pave work with my Master and Teacher, Chie.

He has challenged and inspired me way beyond what I thought I was capable of and the feeling of gratitude and accomplishment is extremely powerful. He never gives up on me and he has the patience and the wisdom of a frikin Genius.. I am so grateful to be his student and I love him beyond words.

I've had "the talk" with my little Skull friends and told them this year we would be introducing some new friends to the collection and well since they like to use straws anyway they were way more cool than I expected and even promised to look after them on a recent Lady Gaga Photo shoot and help me make sure they made it back home safely.... NOT ! Little Bastards told the straws to wait on the other side of the room with Deborah Lippmann and well let's just say it was a close call but they are home safe.

Please check out the Gold and Diamond and Silver and Sapphire Straws... I really hope you like them.

There is a new collection of Little Bastard Skulls this year in Brass, Silver and Gold.. With Black and White Diamonds.... I love them and they love me.. I still have belief that skulls can be reinvented by being handmade, carved in wax and then cast in gold and silver. It is still better than a machine stamping out 1,000 of the exact same pieces.. These are all one of a kind and they have their own personalities, with little shit eating smirks on their faces... They can be difficult but once you get past their chewing stage they are Lovable and Collectible and something I imagine to be passed on down.. They, for me are full of Love so....

Be Love and pass it on...