Memorial Day

My Father was a War Veteran of the Korean War. He survived it physically but I think pretty heavily scarred him emotionally and spiritually... as thousands of others before and after him.

So today in memory of him, I want to send a message of reflection to anyone reading this, to look around you and look for someone to think about.. think about how you can make a connection to someone today.. shake their hand or have a conversation.. look them in the eye and smile and just even say a "hello, How are you today?" To people who you think might feel invisible....When I was a kid I had allot of pain and suffering, as I know so many other people have in their life.. Today I think to myself.. Why didn't anyone around me ever ask me if I was OK.. or Is everything OK? I think when you do ask that question, it can help someone to feel a little less alone and a little less invisible.

It seems a little selfish to talk about jewelry today.. I'd rather talk about people and feelings today.. Have a great Memorial day and remember those who protect us.

Be Love and Pass It on