Web site Launch

I'm proud of the work I've done this year for Mantis 7, I've spent most of this last year in NYC learning some pretty insane hand beading Pave work with my Master and Teacher, Chie.

He has challenged and inspired me way beyond what I thought I was capable of and the feeling of gratitude and accomplishment is extremely powerful. He never gives up on me and he has the patience and the wisdom of a frikin Genius.. I am so grateful to be his student and I love him beyond words.

I've had "the talk" with my little Skull friends and told them this year we would be introducing some new friends to the collection and well since they like to use straws anyway they were way more cool than I expected and even promised to look after them on a recent Lady Gaga Photo shoot and help me make sure they made it back home safely.... NOT ! Little Bastards told the straws to wait on the other side of the room with Deborah Lippmann and well let's just say it was a close call but they are home safe.

Please check out the Gold and Diamond and Silver and Sapphire Straws... I really hope you like them.

There is a new collection of Little Bastard Skulls this year in Brass, Silver and Gold.. With Black and White Diamonds.... I love them and they love me.. I still have belief that skulls can be reinvented by being handmade, carved in wax and then cast in gold and silver. It is still better than a machine stamping out 1,000 of the exact same pieces.. These are all one of a kind and they have their own personalities, with little shit eating smirks on their faces... They can be difficult but once you get past their chewing stage they are Lovable and Collectible and something I imagine to be passed on down.. They, for me are full of Love so....

Be Love and pass it on...