Summer Bracelet Collection by Mantis 7

Our new Bracelets are here in time for Summer. 

I really hope you like them.

I am always inspired by the mix of precious and semi precious stones with Brass and Bronze and Sterling.

I love design contradictions.

I never get tired of Turquoise, especially Sleeping Beauty Turquoise which is increasingly rare to find and purchase as this mine is closed to production. It has a depth to its color like no other Turquoise and you will indeed have a collectors piece.

Be on the look out for the rest of the Summer Bracelet Collection which are 14K Rose Gold wire hand wrapped with Sapphires and the Black Spinel stones hand wrapped with Rose Gold Diamond charms. Very thin and delicate for a low key but luxurious feel and look to your wrist. There were only 4 made.

I am always inspired by stones that are sometimes very difficult to find and in very small quantities.. I hope you get one.

Our "Little Bastards" Gold and Silver Skull charms with diamond eyes have been a huge success and are currently being made to order, which is great news as we can do Bespoke stone eyes and different colored Gold.. Think about 18K Pink Chocolate Gold... I've started using it this year in a lot of pieces and it's rare to find and not many will have it.. especially after I show it here.

If you would like to see what it looks like, have a cruise through the BUY section of my website and look for the Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring in 18K PINK Chocolate Gold... It is very special and one of a kind and will not be reproduced. I was completely inspired by the stone which is in a cage setting so you can see every part of this stone from top to bottom. The opposing side is the most amazing Mediterranean Blue Celyon Sapphire which is burnished into the Gold and in an invisible setting... This ring took about 6 weeks to make completely by hand and will be very hard to say goodbye to.

As always Be Love and Pass it on